Essential NHS Services
Additional NHS Services
Other Services We Provide

Essential NHS Services

We offer all the “essential” services that all NHS community pharmacies in England offer but not with any face to face contact at our Old Sarum Premises.

These include

  • Dispensing Appliances from an NHS Prescription
  • Dispensing Medicines from an NHS Prescription
  • Dispensing an urgent medicine where there is clear emergency need and that medicine is not a controlled drug before we receive an NHS prescription
  • Disposal of unwanted medicines (via the dispensary at Endless Street please)
  • Public Health (Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles). You may receive health care advice in your phone calls or literature with your medicines or at a medicines use review appointment
  • Repeat Dispensing (including electronically), where your GP can arrange multiple repeats of your medicines  for future dates
  • Signposting, such that if we can’t answer your health care question or need we will try to point you in the right direction
  • Support for Self Care, our pharmacists can provide advice and support to people caring for themselves or their families.

NHS Prescriptions. We receive over 90% of our NHS prescriptions electronically. Your GP can send us prescriptions for nearly all medicines and appliances but not yet “Controlled” Drugs open to misuse.

We collect paper prescriptions from the Three Chequers Medical Practice but no longer from other surgeries. Our van is better used delivering to those of limited delivery (currently a free service).

You may request prescriptions by email to or by phone 01722 442786 (out of hours you may leave a message). Either way please remember to give your name and address.

There is an increasing number of medicines that are hard to obtain and require ringing multiple suppliers or if that fails asking your GP for an alternative. This means it can take longer to dispense your medicines. We can only start this process when we receive your prescription from your GP. Most surgeries (including Three Chequers) ask for two (full, working) days to process a routine repeat prescription request. If you have regular routine monthly repeat prescriptions it would help us give you a better service if you request more medicines well before the last couple of days, especially if we deliver your medicines. It would be safer to order your medicines in the third week i.e. a week before you run out. Please allow two days for your GP to provide a prescription, us at least two days to dispense it (three is safer especially for home deliveries). We will always try to provide your medicines more quickly where there is a genuine need for priority, and will advise you if your prescriptions are likely to take longer (e.g. items not on your repeat list, items on the list when your review date is overdue, items that your GP feels are being requested too soon, foodstuffs, drinks, appliances, dressings, patches, fridge lines). Thank you for helping us help you.

Most of our patients collect their medicines from then the Endless Street branch of the Three Chequers Medical Practice.

If you are exempt from prescription charges for a reason other than age may we ask why, your exemption reference number and its expiry date. Thank you

Additional NHS Services

We also offer NHS services that not all NHS pharmacies provide.

These include

  • New Medicines Service, our pharmacist can phone you to see how you are getting on with new medicines
  • Medicines Use Review, a pharmacist can meet you at Endless Street by appointment to discuss your medicines and health (free)
  • Home delivery of medicines to those of limited mobility

Other Services We Provide

We offer some NON NHS services as well, these include:

  • Dispensing private prescriptions
  • Advising on health and holiday travel and providing medicines for use abroad e.g. for malaria prevention
  • Provision of some Pharmacy only medicines without the need for a doctor’s prescription
Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
Closed Weekends & Bank Holidays
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