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What are the benefits of registering ? By registering with us today, you gain access to services like Free Medication Reviews and much more, all undertaken by our professional pharmacist in private consultation areas.

Prescription Transfer: You can ask your GP to send us your prescription electronically (our pharmacy code is FVF82 for this). At present paper prescriptions are still required for certain 'Controlled Drugs' but in time they will also be transmissible electronically.

Plus: We can track your prescribed medicine history using our pharmacy computer system. Keep you up-to-date on medicine reviews and provide access to our online services like 'Ask the Pharmacist', 'Shopping List' and much more.

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Once registered, you can log-in to your account. This enables you to tell us about a change of address, telephone numbers, e-mail or check on replies from your pharmacist.

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Send us your shopping list and we will get it ready for collection in-store or deliver to your home.

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Have you got a health related question we can help with ? Why not Ask our Pharmacist !

Self Help:

Our Self Help Guide includes answers to common health problems, for example coughs and colds, bites and stings, sprains, sunburn etc.

Plus, we have a 'Self Help' section in our Your Health database. This includes links to many useful health based websites and organisations.

Health Links:

This website includes a comprehensive 'Your Health' database of both local and national health resources, access this at the top right of every page.

In addition, we have also a included useful links to medical documents, local services, professional associations and related resources.

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